So what is PVEGAMING?

We are a community of gamers who primarily play open world, sandbox-type survival games. These games typically start you out with nothing, leaving you to make important decisions along the way that will have a direct effect on your ability to make it in the harsh environment. Along your journey, you will have to collect the various resources that will give you the ability to craft the tools, weapons and building components that will be key to your long term survival.

In the beginning, all of these games were primarily PVP, meaning "Player Versus Player". This means that not only do you have to survive the elements, but you also have to survive other players. This has both good and bad aspects to it. The notable downside of PVP is the toxic encounters that plague most of the servers out there. Many players are turned off by this style of gameplay, often times abandoning the game all together.

This is where we come in - We host many of those same survival games, but only PVE, meaning "Players Versus Environment". This is a game mode that has slowly been gaining momentum where players focus on surviving against the environment around them and not against other players. This is typically controlled by internal game configurations or 3rd party mods that prevent player on player damage, meaning player a can try to hit, shoot or bludgeon another player and nothing will happen. This game mode allows players to really experience all the game has to offer, without having to constantly look over their shoulder. This creates a very laid back and chill gaming environment that many people have come to enjoy. As this game mode grows in populatiry, many game developers are including a PVE side to their games right out of the box.

We proudly host a large selection of the most popular survival games to the public, on our own equipment and infrastructure. All absolutely free. As with any large community, we do have rules and guidelines. We hold the conduct on our servers at a very high standard. Our servers are for players of all ages but we expect a mature level of behavior. Our active admins & moderators ensure that the game is always running and updated, as well as keeping check on the conduct of the players who play on them.

Finally, All of us behind the scenes are regular people with lives outside the community.  There will be times when a player needs help when the Mod is not available.  We ask that you be patient during these times. We will absolutely get things straightened out as soon as we possibly can.





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