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Game Cfg:

  • 5x5 Grid (25 server zones)
  • 21 PVE Zones
  • 4 PVP Zones (C4, C5, D4 & D5)
  • Cross grid chat
  • Starter kits
  • Breeding, Gestation & Maturing speed increased
  • Player max level before discovery points = 130
  • Custom leveling tables for players & tames
  • The Submarine can be unlocked without defeating the Boss.
  • All quests can be completed including all powerstones and essences
  • Explorer notes can be obtained
  • Gather rates are enhanced:
    • Increased Engram Points
    • x2 Harvest Health
    • x5 Harvest
    • x10 Experience
    • x10 Taming
    • x2 Player Stats per level many more tweaks

Cool Extras:

Reward point system

  •  In-game Chat Commands
    • /points - Shows current amount of points.
    • /buy <ID> <Amount> - Buys the item from shop.
    • /trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - Sends points to other player (' ' - are necessary).
    • /kit - Shows all kits.
    • /kit <KitName> - Redeems the kit.
    • /buykit <KitName> <Amount> - Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
    • /shop <Page> - Shows a list of available items in the shop.
    • /sell <ID> <Amount> - Sells an item.
    • /shopsell<Page> - Shows a list of available for selling items.
    • /shophelp - Show custom help message.
    • /suicide - Easy way out


Click the image for more info on each mod

Interactive Map

Click the map below to open the Interactive Map

The grids bordered in red is the PVP area

Freeports are located at

A2, C4(PVP), D1 & E2

Map Areas

  • The Infernal Gulf (A1) PVE
  • The Crystal Waters (A2)-Freeport PVE
  • Tunna Bay (A3)- PVE
  • Ellingterel Deep (A4) PVE
  • Wasanola Ocean(A5) PVE
  • Barrville Deep (B1) PVE
  • Gatistall Tides (B2)-PVE
  • Keeldiac Expanse (B3) PVE
  • Millbury Abyss (B4) PVE
  • The Depths of Stonedeen (B5) PVE
  • The Gulf of Waheller (C1) PVE
  • Minneney Ocean (C2) PVE
  • The Maw (C3) PVE-Boss
  • Islinghurst Expanse (C4) Freeport-PvP
  • The Misty Domain (C5) PvP
  • Summerset Waters (D1) PVE-Freeport
  • Fordboro Gulf (D2) PVE
  • Bientos Waters (D3) PVE
  • The Mighty Abyss (D4) PvP
  • The Grave Deep (D5) PvP
  • Smithsburg Sea (E1) PVE
  • Whitegrave Tides Gulf (E2) PVE -Freeport
  • The Sea of Picrood (E3) PVE
  • Presborg Sea (E4) PVE
  • The Depths of Lamalis (E5) PVE

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Atlas is a game heavily dependent on teamwork.  Many players are looking to team up with other players so they can collect power stones and ultimately defeat the Cracken.  We highly recommend joining our discord server and going to the Atlas chat channel to hook up with other players.  Click HERE to connect to our Discord!



What sets PVEGAMING apart from most other servers is our staff. No matter what game you choose in our lineup, we have admins and moderators who are always here to help!

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