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  • Rust servers wipe on the first Thursday of the month.

See below for the 4x4 grid server connection information

There has been a lot going on with our Atlas server lately.  We currently have the 4x4 grid, 16 server cluster, running Colonies outlined below, and we now have a 5x5 server in the works! Thats right, a 25 server cluster! A portion will definitely be PVE, but it could have both PVE and PVP zones on it. That part is still TBD.

The 4x4 will be phased out at the end of this month as we move toward officially implementing the 5x5 on our own hardware and infrastructure. It's already active and is running the Blackwood map, however there is still some work being done as we test out various mods to see which one's we will or won't keep moving forward!

Great things are coming!

  Make sure you join our discord and follow the updates from our Atlas guru, Mordeus!  He is already in development of his very own mods so join in to get the latest news!

We are now running the Blackwood map! Check out the connection info and trailer below!

These are the mods we are running on this server. 

Click the image for more information.

The information below is for our existing 4x4 grid cluster.


Game Cfg:

  • 4x4 Grid (16 server zones)
  • The Submarine can be unlocked without defeating the Boss.
  • Gather rates are enhanced:
    • Increased Engram Points
    • x2 Harvest Health
    • x5 Harvest
    • x10 Experience
    • x10 Taming
    • x2 Player Stats per level many more tweaks

Cool Extras:

Reward point system

  •  In-game Chat Commands
    • /points - Shows current amount of points.
    • /buy <ID> <Amount> - Buys the item from shop.
    • /trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - Sends points to other player (' ' - are necessary).
    • /kit - Shows all kits.
    • /kit <KitName> - Redeems the kit.
    • /buykit <KitName> <Amount> - Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
    • /shop <Page> - Shows a list of available items in the shop.
    • /sell <ID> <Amount> - Sells an item.
    • /shopsell<Page> - Shows a list of available for selling items.
    • /shophelp - Show custom help message.


Click the image for more info on each mod

Interactive Map

Click the map below to open the Interactive Map

The lower right quadrant is the PVP area

Atlas is a game heavily dependent on teamwork.  Many players are looking to team up with other players so they can collect power stones and ultimately defeat the Cracken.  We highly recommend joining our discord server and going to the Atlas chat channel to hook up with other players.  Click HERE to connect to our Discord!



Click an IP address on a banner to connect to that server


Here are some clips from our Atlas Admin, Mordeus


About Atlas

Long-ago, far above the watery world of ATLAS there once existed a magic-powered “Golden Age”-- where great Empires of the Sky lived at peace alongside magical creatures, flourishing upon floating continents above the clouds, all powered by a magical source of energy known as the Heart of the Goddess, granted by the powerful beings who dwell in the stars beyond. However, a powerful warlord known as Xevos sought to unite the human civilizations over the magickind, and launched a war that broke the Heart into pieces, unleashing a wave of destruction that shattered the floating landmasses and plunged them into the waters below.

Many generations later, as living memory of the “Sundering” has faded into legend and the once-plentiful magical energy has long since dissipated, descendants of the protectors of the Heart of the Goddess -- known as “Pathfinders” -- emerge from their provincial oceanic lives to explore the new continents and islands, and seek out the power they may yet contain. Across the vast new world they’ll encounter hostile creatures, technological remnants of the Golden Age past, and ultimately the undying spirit of Xevos himself and his soulless “Army of the Damned”, still intent on recovering the pieces of the Heart of the Goddess to raise the continents once again under his vision.

If the latest generation of Pathfinders can outwit and outgun Xevos and his legions, and recover the Heart pieces for themselves, they will be faced with the very same choice: whether to attempt to restore the old world, or build a new better one…

Title: ATLAS
Genre: ActionAdventureMassively MultiplayerRPGEarly Access

Publisher: Grapeshot Games

Release Date: Dec 22, 2018

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