Welcome to the world of Los Santos.

This is a different kind of server for us. It's not the typical survival game, nor is it PVE. We have included many of the most popular mods, along with many created by our very own Mordeus! He knows his stuff when it comes to modding and it will show as you make your way through your new life on the very busy streets of Blaine County.

The modding never stops. Mordeus is constantly in the background creating or tweaking the code to ensure our players have the best experience possible. Discord users can join our supporting channels to receive updates and to report bugs with any of the mods. Make sure to give Mordeus a shout and show him some love because mod building and repairing buggy mods made by someone else is extremely time consuming.


We highly encourage streamers to come and hang out on our server. If you do, we would love for you to give us a mention so that others will know where you are playing!

How to play on our server:
Our server is whitelisted. This means if you do not follow the necessary steps to gain access, you cannot connect to the server. It's very easy to do - Go to our Discord and then find the #roles channel. In there you will see a list of games with an associated reaction icon next to it. Go to the bottom of the post and click on the "G" for GTAV and you will be added to the whitelist. Thats it!


For more information about the game, check out the link below.