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  • Join in on the LIVE community on our Discord Channel - Click the Discord icon in the upper left corner on PC, at the very bottom of the page on mobile, or beneath the Discord module below for an invite.
  • Rust servers wipe on the first Thursday of the month.

Help support PVEGAMING

We never require our players to make donations in order to play on our servers. We appreciate everyone who comes to have fun on our servers, regardless if you contribute or not!

We do not profit from any of the contributions.  We put it right back into either helping to pay the electric bills, pay for advertising, purchasing premium paid mods or by upgrading hardware, which in turn benefits our players. 

We really love what we're doing here and with your support, we plan on being here well into the future!


If you would like to make a donation through PayPal, please click the donate button below!

As always, we greatly appreciate your support!

You can also donate by scanning the QR code below, using your cell phone.

QR Code

Need a free QR barcode scanner with no ads? Navigate here with your phone, then click HERE!


Note: It took me a few tries using various different scanners to get the QR code above to work. I had the best luck when zooming in on the QR code.

In addition to the PayPal donation page, we also have the following web stores for Rust PVE (not Forsaken) and for Atlas!  These have various items that you can purchase to help you along in the game in exchange for your contribution.

Click HERE for the RUST Webstore!

Click HERE for the ATLAS Webstore!




Get your PVEGAMING Merch here!  They come in all sizes and quite a few colors to choose from.

No, none of the guys pictured are Admins. lol


Click the image to be taken to the store where you can pick up either a PVEGAMING T-shirt or a PVEGAMING coffee mug!


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